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PEC Logistics is an international provider of transport and logistic services. With our global connections and advanced supply chain and logistics solutions, we have helped thousands of companies growth their business. We design, build and operate your supply chain from the ground up to make sure we meet your company’s specific needs.

We’ll help you meet your goals consistently, safely and cost-effectively.

We connect producers with retailers, food service providers, and consumers alike. Our partnered service providers provide us the optimal choice of carriers to help fulfill your service needs.

We are always bringing the latest technology and the effective strategy to optimize your logistical pipeline and better serve your customers. Whatever the need, big or small, we offer our very best to producers of all sizes and locations.

You want it? We got it.

No matter the need, PEC Logistics has a solution. Below are just a few of the tools we use to build the logistical strategy of your dreams:

Design, Build, and Operate

Customized Supply Chain Solutions

Our talented team is equipped with all the skills and technology to meet all of your supply chain needs without any hassle or headache. We offer a time-tested formula that is guaranteed to improve your efficiency, effectiveness, and overall timeliness.

3PL Centralized Control System

We give you a centralized control system that enables you keep track of your inventory in real time. This service also lets you monitor and regulate every freight and delivery we’re making on your behalf.

Safe Delivery of Your Products

Quality is our top priority and we are committed to keeping your products safe and delivering them to your customers without any problem. Our customers are always impressed with our high standard of delivery and trust us to keep their cargo safe from our warehouse all the way to the end of the line.

We don’t deliver pre-packaged solutions

While PEC Logistics has built a reliable formula for success for over a century, we’ll always build a blueprint that’s unique to your business. We’ll work closely with your team to pinpoint your exact business needs, create a custom-made strategy from the ground up, and carry your product all the way to its final destination. We’re flexible, we’re innovative, and we’re here to listen

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